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This article describes why, after upgrading FortiGate from v7.2.5 to v7.4.0, the GUI does not reflect the hostname.

It is not possible to edit the hostname in the GUI.

Scope FortiGate v7.4.x.

In version 7.2.5 and prior versions, it is possible to make the switch name changes using the following command.

config switch-controller managed-switch
       edit <switch-id>       <- Usually this switch-id is the serial number.
           set name <NAME>


The command 'set name' has been removed from v7.4.0.




When upgrading is complete, the switch names are now restored as switch-id.

Since FortiOS 7.4.0 allows the switch-id to be a maximum of 16 characters in length, any switch names meeting this criterion will now be seen in 'switch-id'.

Any switch name which exceeds the maximum character criteria will be lost after an upgrade.


See this documentation page for FortiLink naming rules.


When upgrading the firewall, the switch names are lost. It is only possible to see the FortiSwitch serial number in the 'Name' field in GUI.


To add the switch name, rename the switch using the following command on FortiGate:


config switch-controller managed-switch
    rename <switch-id> to <NAME>

Once renamed, it will show a warning that the managed switch will go offline momentarily.
Type 'y' and press enter.




After the change is made, the FortiGate GUI will reflect the change.

The name cannot be edited via the GUI.




This behavior is part of the feature change on v7.4.0.

It is added under New Feature in Release notes of 7.4.0 with ID 769722.


As of the introduction of this feature, it is no longer possible to edit the serial number of the device. It is a read-only command.

Even if it was configured via the CLI, the following error would be thrown after it exits the hierarchy:



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