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Description This article explains the reason for the error 'OSPFv3: RECV[Hello]: instance ID mismatch' observed on FortiGate. Scope FortiGate. Solution OSPFv3 was developed to support IPv6. Instance ID is an 8-bit field in the OSPFv3 header. Instance...
Description This article describes why, after upgrading FortiGate from v7.2.5 to v7.4.0, the GUI does not reflect the hostname. It is not possible to edit the hostname in the GUI. Scope FortiGate v7.4.x. Solution In version 7.2.5 and prior versions, ...
Description The article discusses IGMP and PIM commands and debug in PIM Sparse-Mode. Scope Logs and command outputs run on FortiGate v7.0.12. Diagram: Rendezvous Point : FortiGate configuration should enable the multicast routing and hav...
Description This article describes how the EAP authentication fails when an LDAP-based user group is referred in the IKEv2 tunnel. Scope FortiGate Solution To enable XAUTH in the IKEv2 configuration, EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) needs to ...
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