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Article Id 253860


This article describes the first steps to troubleshooting explicit proxy connections through FortiProxy.








Step 1 - Check the explicit proxy configuration.


1) Configuration on the FortiProxy.


FortiProxy GUI: Navigate to Proxy Setting -> Explicit Proxy.




FortiProxy CLI:


# config web-proxy explicit-proxy

    edit "web-proxy" <-

        set status enable

        set interface "port2"    -> port2 IP =

        set http-incoming-port 8080

        set https-incoming-port 8080




2) Configuration on the client machine.


Check in the Windows Proxy setting or the browser’s proxy setting.




Make sure the address should be matching with the interface IP of the explicit proxy, in this case, it is port2. Also, the port should match the configuration of the explicit proxy.


Step 2 - Check if the traffic is matching the configured policy.


1) When the traffic is not matched, expect to see 'No policy matched!' in WAD debugs as shown below:


GET HTTP/1.1  <-


Proxy-Connection: keep-alive

Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 Edg/112.0.1722.34

Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8,application/signed-exchange;v=b3;q=0.7

Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate

Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.9


[I]2023-04-07 11:03:59.155959 [p:11089][s:2060731322][r:592] __wad_dns_send_query              :772   0:0: sending DNS request for remote peer id=0 IPv4

[I]2023-04-07 11:03:59.178897 [p:11089]               wad_dns_parse_name_resp           :205   0: DNS response received for remote host req-id=0 ipv4=1    <---- DNS response received for host

[V]2023-04-07 11:03:59.178929 [p:11089]               wad_dns_parse_name_resp           :324 resp_type=1 notify=1 cdata=0

[I]2023-04-07 11:03:59.178932 [p:11089][s:2060731322][r:592] wad_http_dns_request_done         :12241 [0x7fc5a1c8b1f8] DNS resolved:


[V]2023-04-07 11:03:59.179002 [p:11089][s:2060731322][r:592] wad_http_req_proc_dst             :12160 HTTP req=0x7fc5a1c8b1f8 check destination/quarantine ret=0

[V]2023-04-07 11:03:59.179007 [p:11089][s:2060731322][r:592] wad_http_req_check_policy         :11785 start match policy vd=0(ses_ctx:x|Phx|M|Hh|C|A7|O) (

:63364@6-> absUrl=1  <-

[I]2023-04-07 11:03:59.179011 [p:11089][s:2060731322][r:592] wad_fast_match_is_enable          :3703  fast matching is enabled

[V]2023-04-07 11:03:59.179015 [p:11089][s:2060731322][r:592] wad_fast_match_get_addr           :3440  Get key src:   ---> source address.

[W]2023-04-07 11:03:59.179016 [p:11089][s:2060731322][r:592] wad_fast_match_one                :3607  No policy matched!



The following is the proxy policy configuration in this case.


# config firewall policy

    edit 1 <-

        set type explicit-web

        set uuid b4e26394-cc23-51ed-a4d3-e79a5789c19e

        set dstintf "port1"

        set srcaddr ""  <-

        set dstaddr "all"

        set action accept

        set schedule "always"

        set service "webproxy"

        set explicit-web-proxy "web-proxy"  <-

        set logtraffic all

        set ssl-ssh-profile "certificate-inspection"




As the source address of the traffic is not matching the source address in the policy, the traffic is failing to match the policy.


2) After correcting the policy, the following output can be expected:


[V]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530516 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_http_req_proc_dst             :12160 HTTP req=0x7f687632b0b0 check destination/quarantine ret=0

[V]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530522 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_http_req_check_policy         :11785 start match policy vd=0(ses_ctx:x|Phx|M|Hh|C|A7|O) (192.168.1.

100:58660@6-> absUrl=1

[I]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530527 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_fast_match_is_enable          :3703  fast matching is enabled

[V]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530530 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_fast_match_get_addr           :3440  Get key src:

[V]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530533 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_fast_match_get_dst_intf       :3470  Get key dst intf:1

[V]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530535 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_fast_match_pol_array          :3507  Try to maching pol:0, 0/1(pos/sz)

[V]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530537 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_fw_policy_set_check_id        :5335  pol_id=1 dev_cked=0

[I]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530541 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_fw_policy_async_match         :5466  pol_ctx:xhcf|Ad|7?|=d

[I]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530544 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_http_req_policy_set           :10206 match policy-id=1(pol_ctx:xhcf|Ad|7?|=d) vd=0(ses_ctx:x|Phx|Md   <---- Matched policy id = 1

e|Hh|C|A7|O) ( ->

[V]2023-04-20 11:34:55.530605 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_http_connect_original_server  :7051  [0x7f687632b0b0] Connect to server:



[I]2023-04-20 11:34:55.536133 [p:1656][s:562102499][r:50331693] wad_dump_fwd_http_resp            :2694  hreq=0x7f687632b0b0 Forward response from Internal:


HTTP/1.1 200 Connection established

Proxy-Agent: Fortinet-Proxy/1.0



Step 3 - If there is authentication, check if the authentication is successful.


1) Authentication rule configuration:


# config authentication scheme

    edit "Test-LDAP" <-

        set method basic

        set user-database "LDAP=LAB"  




# config authentication rule

    edit "LDAP-Rule"

        set srcintf "port2"

        set srcaddr "all"

        set dstaddr "all"

        set active-auth-method "Test-LDAP"  <-




# config firewall policy
    edit 1
        set type explicit-web
        set uuid b4e26394-cc23-51ed-a4d3-e79a5789c19e
        set dstintf "port1"
        set srcaddr ""  <-
        set dstaddr "all"
        set action accept
        set schedule "always"
        set service "webproxy"
        set explicit-web-proxy "web-proxy"
        set logtraffic all
        set groups "LDAP-Group"  <-
        set ssl-ssh-profile "certificate-inspection"


2) When authentication is not successful, the following can be expected.


[I]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460477 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_fast_match_pol_array          :3537  fw_pol_id=1(pol_ctx:xhf|Ad|7|=p) pol_id=0(pflag:H|W|U|A) asyn_


[V]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460479 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_fw_policy_set_check_id        :5335  pol_id=1 dev_cked=0  --> Checking policy id = 1 for this traffic.

[I]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460483 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_http_req_get_user             :11298 process=1656 auth-rule=LDAP-Rule user=/0/0 ip-based/auth-cooki  ---> Found Authentication rule 'LDAP-Rule'.

e/transact=1/0/0 tp_proxy_auth=0 auth_req=0x7f68764b0480 auth_line=0x7f68764f9748

[I]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460492 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_usr_pass_authenticate         :532   try to authenticate abhi/ tfa=0   --> Found username=abhi.

[I]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460495 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_hauth_is_sso_guest            :1444  check guest for abhi/4

[V]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460498 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_usr_info_clt_conn_connected   :2825  user info connection:connected

[V]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460509 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_auth_request                  :1378  user:abhi send auth reqest with no=1 ldaps

[I]2023-04-20 12:36:15.460512 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_http_auth_status_proc         :10582 ses_ctx: ses_ctx:cx|Phx|Me|Hh|C|A7|O authenticate result=pending


[V]2023-04-20 12:36:15.463403 [p:1644]               wad_usr_info_get_msg              :2106  user_info_svr recv msg type:4 size:35, id=2  --> WAD User_info handles authentication in explicit proxy, and it received the authentication request for the user.

[V]2023-04-20 12:36:15.463437 [p:1644]               wad_usr_info_auth_req_handler     :981   recv ldap auth request, username=abhi, n_ldaps=1

[V]2023-04-20 12:36:15.463444 [p:1644]               wad_ldap_usr_dn_filter            :1211  filter=(SAMAccountName=abhi)

[V]2023-04-20 12:36:15.463447 [p:1644]               wad_ldap_build_dn_search_req      :2111  dn is dc=abhineet,dc=com, filter is (SAMAccountName=abhi)

[I]2023-04-20 12:36:15.469755 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_http_auth_status_proc         :10582 ses_ctx: ses_ctx:cx|Phx|Me|Hh|C|A7|O authenticate result=failure <-

[I]2023-04-20 12:36:15.469923 [p:1656][s:562102644][r:50331870] wad_dump_fwd_http_resp            :2694  hreq=0x7f687632abc8


Forward response from Internal:


Based on the above results, the authentication for user=abhi has failed. In this case, the password provided was incorrect.


3) After providing the correct password, the following outputs were observed.


[V]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047982 [p:1644]               wad_usr_info_proc_msg             :2148  user info proc msg ret=1  <-

[V]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047848 [p:1656]               wad_unix_stream_on_read_data      :426   WAD unix stream socket 27 read (0,4080)  <-

[1656] read [(0,12) (1f 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 )(............)]   --> Received response from wad user_info.

[V]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047868 [p:1656]               wad_authenticated_user_proc_msg_header:1472  msg=RespAdd code=OK seq=2 data_len=0

[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047871 [p:1656]               wad_authenticated_proc_user_add_resp:712   code=0

[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047873 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_inform_req_user_add_notify    :669   Reponse Add-User from informer: succ auth_req=0x7f68764b20f0

[W]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047875 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_basic_user_add_notify         :1156  auth-st=7 add-auth-st=1 is-local=0

[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047879 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_auth_membership_match         :1292  grp(Guest-group): id=1 type=firewall member_sz=1; user( type=firewall ms=0x7f68763d4828 ms-type=1 member_sz=7

[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047881 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_auth_membership_match         :1292  grp(LDAP-Group): id=2 type=firewall member_sz=1; user( type=firewall ms=0x7f68763d4828 ms-type=1 member_sz=7  <-

[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047914 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_usr_collect_usrgrp            :2141  Match grp(LDAP-Group): SUCCESS

[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047917 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_auth_membership_match         :1292  grp(SSO_Guest_Users): id=16777215 type=guest member_sz=0; user

( type=firewall ms=0x7f68763d4828 ms-type=1 member_sz=7

[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.047958 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_http_auth_status_proc         :10582 ses_ctx: ses_ctx:x|Phx|M|Hh|C|A7|O authenticate result=success


[I]2023-04-20 12:46:31.052482 [p:1656][s:562102730][r:50331957] wad_dump_fwd_http_resp            :2694  hreq=0x7f6876329d10 Forward response from Internal:


HTTP/1.1 200 Connection established

Proxy-Agent: Fortinet-Proxy/1.0



Some useful WAD debug commands:


# diag debug disable

# diag deb reset

# diag wad filter clear

# diag deb console time en

# diag wad filter <filter-value>   <-For example – diag wad filter src

# diag wad debug enable all

# diag deb en


Check WAD session:


# diag wad session list


1) With Filters:


# diag wad filter <filter-value>

# diag wad session list


2) To clear wad session:


# diag wad session clear


To check authenticated users for explicit proxy connection:



# diag deb enable
# diag wad user list



# diag deb en
# diag test app wad 2400  ---> To go into WAD Informer context.

# diag test app wad 110