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This article describes how to uninstall unlicensed FortiClient on Windows when the shutdown FortiClient button is greyed out.

Scope FortiGate, all firmware, FortiClient.

If an unlicensed FortiClient not managed by the EMS is used and to uninstall it from the Windows machine, it is possible to follow these steps.




First method.


Try with the Windows 'Add/Remove' Programs application and uninstall the FortiClient.


Second Method.


1) In the support portal go to Support -> Firmware Download -> FortiClient -> FortiClient version ->


2) Unzip the file and run the FCRemove.exe tool and then remove the FortiClient.


Link to download :


Third Method.


1) If the FortiClient appears in the system tray, shut it down completely prior to the uninstall. To do so, 'right-click on its icon and choose Shutdown FortiClient.




2) To verify if a related process still runs in the background, do the followings:


- 'Right-click' on the taskbar and then choose 'Task Manager' to launch its utility.

- Select the process which is used by the FortiClient and then select 'End Task' button.


Fourth method.



MicrosoftTeams-image (16).png


1) If the shutdown button and the remove option are greyed out in the FCRemove.exe tool, the best way to uninstall the FortiClient is to boot the Windows machine in safe mode and then run the Fcremove.exe tool.


2) After it will be possible to remove the FortiClient easily.