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This article decsribes how to delete the default 'admin' user on FortiGate.




Any supported version of FortiGate.



The following error shows upon attempting to delete the default admin user normally:


config sys admin
delete admin
Cannot delete super admin 'admin'!
command_cli_delete:5242 delete table entry admin unset oper error ret=-37
Command fail. Return code -37


Use the following steps to delete the default admin account on a FortiGate.


  1. If only one (the default) admin account exists with the 'super_admin' profile assigned, create a second super_admin account.
  2. Close all administrative access sessions opened with the default admin account (log out from the web admin GUI, log out from the SSH/telnet CLI, and so on).
  3. Log in with the new super_admin account.
  4. Delete the original 'admin' account.


To delete the admin account, run the following in the CLI:

delete admin