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In a typical configuration when using FortiAP, the SSID is configured in 'Local Bridge' mode and this SSID is grouped into the software switch. However, there may be issues if trying to add the 'Local Bridge' SSID into FortiAP Profiles. The error is shown as 'Maximum number of entries has been reached'.
This article describes how to bridge a FortiWifi SSID to a wired network or VLAN network.
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'Local Bridge' mode is not supported for FortiWifi.

For a FortiWifi unit, SSID can only be configured in 'Tunnel' mode. The key point is to configure a tunnel mode SSID with no IP address configured and DHCP server disabled. After, add this 'Tunnel' mode SSID into the software switch so it will be in same subnet with the local LAN network.
Below are the steps:
  1. Create an SSID with tunnel mode with no IP address and with DHCP disabled.

New SSid.PNG


  1. On the Network -> Interface page, a new SSID will be part of the wqt.root Software switch. Remove the new SSID from its member.

remove from sw.PNG


  1. Now, add a new SSID to the Local LAN interface software switch.


add in local lan.PNG


  1. Once added, it will work as bridge mode.