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This article describes the FortiGate alt-primary DNS server feature and its configuration.




FortiOS 7.0, 7.2, 7.4.




alt-primary and alt-secondary servers are configurable from the CLI.


config system dns

    set alt-primary {ipv4-address}

    set alt-secondary {ipv4-address}



Alt-dns servers are alternative DNS servers for FortiGate queries under a specific condition.


FortiGate queries the configured alt-dns servers when FortiGate's primary/secondary DNS server returns a name resolution error (NXDOMAIN) for a name query.


A common usage case for alt-dns servers is to resolve internal domain names that cannot be resolved by the public DNS servers.


Example Workflow:


config system dns

    set primary

    set secondary

    set protocol dot

    set server-hostname ""

    set alt-primary

    set alt-secondary



  • FortiGate's primary and secondary DNS servers are configured as public DNS servers.
  • FortiGate must query www.test.lab.
  • DNS server selection takes place between primary and secondary DNS servers based on the 'set server-select-method' setting.
  • The query is sent to the chosen primary/secondary DNS server.
  • Public DNS servers return a name resolution error 'NXDOMAIN'.
  • Another server selection takes place between alt-primary and alt-secondary DNS servers.
  • The same query for www.test.lab is sent to the chosen alt-dns server.


In order for alt-dns servers to be utilized, the following conditions must be met.


  1. Receives a nxdomain from 'primary/secondary DNS'.
  2. Has alternate servers configured.
  3. Domain forwarding is not configured.


Domain forwarding: Technical Tip: DNS conditional forwarding.


FortiGate alt-dns query honors 'set server-select-method' configuration as well as 'protocol'.


config system dns
    set server-select-method { least-rtt | failover }

    set protocol {cleartext | dot | doh}


DNS protocol preference explained: Technical Tip: FortiGate DNS query preference when multiple DNS protocols are enabled.