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When configuring a FortiGate HA cluster, the following message may appear on the Slave unit console:

'slave and master have different hdisk status. Cannot work with HA master. Shutdown the box! The system is halted'.


FortiGate with internal storage.



Possible root causes are:

1) One of the FortiGate units is a hardware model that does not have a Hard Disk.

This can be verified with the CLI command:

# get system status
This command may return the following disk status:

"Log hard disk: Available"   or  "Log hard disk: Not available"
2) Both FortiGates have Hard Disks, but one of the Hard Disks is not formatted.

Formatting and backup of disk data is described in the related article at the end of this page.

# get system status CLI command will return:
"Log hard disk: Need format"

3) One of the FortiGate units has a Hard Disk failure. An HQIP test must be run. Please see the related article at the end of this page.
4) FortiGates have different RAID configured. Also a RAID counts as different hardware from HA perspective. So all cluster devices need to have the same RAID configuration. More about RAID can be found in the below link section.


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