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This article describes the expected topologies with LACP bundles in a FortiGate HA cluster.








It is a question that is often asked when LACP connections to the local switches are not coming up as expected. 

These are the most common and expected topologies (valid for both A-P and A-A clusters), while the most common mistakes are shown below.




Note: If the switches are deployed in MCLAG topology, the dual-homed connection for LACP will work, and each FortiGate will have its own LACP bundle.

Reference: Deploying MCLAG topologies | FortiSwitch 7.4.2 | Fortinet Document Library


Note: For version 7.2.1 onwards, lacp-ha-slave has been replaced with lacp-ha-secondary.


When it comes to LACP, each unit must have its own LACP bundle on the switch.

HA with 802.3ad aggregate interfaces

'Link aggregation, HA failover performance, and HA mode'.


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