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FortiCloud Products
Article Id 189990

End user has configured 2FA in FortiGate administrator login.

In FortiCloud, if 'enable manage' the device is selected, the 2FA will not prompt up and can manage the firewall directly.
Can 2FA turn on in FortiCloud when enable manage the Firewall?


Procedure to enable 2FA in FortiCloud:
1) Log into the FortiGate Cloud.
2) Select 'Account Setting'.
3) Check on Two-Factor.
4) Under 'Action', select the edit symbol.
5) Select 'FortiToken Setting'.
6) Manage Two-Factor Authentication Settings will prompt.
7) Select 'EDIT'.
8) Check on 'Enable Two-Factor Authentication'.
9) Check either 'Enable Two-Factor Authentication Using FortiToken Mobile' or Enable Two-Factor Authentication Using Email.
10) Select 'SAVE'.
11) Proceed to TEST TOKEN to ensure the test is successful with the message 'Your Token Worked'.
12) Once is completed, logout and re-login (security code will be required) to confirm 2FA is configured for FortiGate Cloud.