FortiClient proactively defends against advanced attacks. Its tight integration with the Security Fabric enables policy-based automation to contain threats and control outbreaks. FortiClient is compatible with Fabric-Ready partners to further strengthen enterprises’ security posture.
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This article explains EMS license type, license conversion, and EMS version compatibility.




EMS v6.0.x to v7.2.0.
The term 'SKU' means the middle digit in SKU that has been purchased.


FC1-10-EMS04-429-01-60 --> referred to as SKU 429.





Endpoint Management License: 

This is a legacy license that can be applied only to EMS 6.0.x to 7.0.x:
EMS administration guide.

Fabric Agent License (SKU 297), and Fabric Agent+Sandbox feature (SKU 299):
This license type can be used starting EMS 6.2.0
Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint licenses.

If EMS 7.0.x is used, it is advised to convert to the ZTNA license type on Support Portal, refer below for more info.

  • If the ZTNA feature is not used, this license type can be applied up to EMS 7.0 (to the latest EMS 7.0.x to date)
  • To use the ZTNA feature in EMS 7.0.6 and above,  convert the Fabric Agent license to ZTNA (42X) or buy the ZTNA license.


ZTNA License (SKU 428), and ZTNA+EPP License (SKU 429):

  • This is usable from EMS 6.4.3 onwards, up to the latest EMS 7.2.X.
  • EMS 7.2.0 can only use ZTNA or ZTNA+EPP license.
  • If it is converted from Fabric Agent License (SKU 297) to a ZTNA license (SKU 428), the below features will be lost: 

Antivirus (AV), anti-ransomware, anti-exploit, cloud-based malware detection, Application Firewall, software inventory, USB device control, and advanced threat protection via FortiClient Cloud Sandbox.


  • If SKU 297 is converted to SKU 428, a complimentary 30 days of ZTNA+EPP (SKU 426) will be obtained, which allows to continue using the above features for 30 days, and allow time to purchase an EPP license if desired.
  • If the existing Fabric Agent is with Sandbox (SKU 299), a ZTNA+EPP license (SKU 429) will be obtained, which covers all the features listed above:

Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint licenses.

In summary:

Existing SKU on FCTEMS
-> EMS 6.4

Customer Use Case in EMS 7.0+

Converted to SKU XXX (Running 6.4.3 or higher)
-> EMS 7.0 & 7.2


Fabric Agent (297)

VPN + ZTNA only

ZTNA  (428)

SKU 426 is an optional 30-day EPP trial license for customers not currently using EPP features

Fabric+Sandbox (299)

VPN + ZTNA + EPP (AV, AppFW, Sandbox

EPP (429)



If both VPN and EPP feature of the 297 SKU are used, it is not possible to do a SKU conversion.

Instead, it is necessary do a new purchase of the 429 SKU.  Alternatively, it is possible to convert from SKU 297 to SKU 428 as shown above, and then contact the sales team who can provide an upgrade quote from SKU 428 to SKU 429.


Existing SKU on FCTEMS
-> EMS 6.4

Customer Use Case in EMS 7.0+

New Purchase SKU (Running 6.4.3 or higher)
-> EMS 7.0 & 7.2


Fabric Agent (297)


EPP (429)

A new purchase is required, either:

  • Buy SKU 429


  • Convert to SKU 428 and purchase upgrade to 429

On a side note, as of now (7th April 2023), the free EMS trial license can only be used up to EMS 7.0.7.
A trial license cannot be used on EMS 7.2.0 at the moment.