Description This article describes how to extract Summary Debug Report from FortiAuthenticator via CLI with TFTP/FTP.
Scope Versions 6.3 and 6.4.

In some case where it is not possible to download the report-summary.dbg due to a gateway timeout error, it is possible to use CLI as an alternative method to download the Summary debug report from FortiAuthenticator.

It is possible to use any TFTP/FTP server application nedded.

In this case, 'WinAgents TFTP Server Manager' is used.


It is necessary to download, install and run the app as local server.

1) Then SSH to FortiAuthenticator via putty or any SSH tool.
2) Then run the below command:

# execute backup debug-report tftp <filename> <server fqdn|ipaddr>

Or with a FTP server, use the following command:

# execute backup debug-report ftp <path> <server fqdn|ipaddr>[:port] [ftp_user] [ftp_password]