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Description This article describes how to identify RAID controller failure on FortiAnalyzer hardware appliances.
Scope FortiAnalyzer.
  1. In most cases, when an on-prem device is a hardware appliance and logs are no longer present under Log View, one of the first things to check is the RAID status. Here, the result shows that the RAID & disk statuses are unavailable. Also, the FortiAnalyzer is unable to detect the hardware information of the RAID controller.


No logs on FortiAnalyzer.png


diagnose system raid status

Mega RAID:

RAID Level: Unavailable

RAID Status: Unavailable

RAID Size: 0GB

File System: ext4 200144GB


Disk  0:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  1:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  2:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  3:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  4:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  5:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  6:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  7:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  8:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk  9:  Unavailable        0GB

Disk 10:  Unavailable        0GB





diag system raid hwinfo


Exit Code: 0x00

Exit Code: 0x00

Exit Code: 0x00


  1. To further check, the RAID Management Pane under System Settings will not be present in the FortiAnalyzer GUI.


Non-working Scenario:


No RAID Management Present in GUI 2.png


 Working Scenario:


RAID Management Present in GUI.png


  1. When viewing the list of valid RAID levels, the output is blank. Also, when attempting to format the RAID, it presents an invalid RAID level error.


execute format disk *

Valid RAID levels:


execute format disk 50

Invalid RAID level: 50

Valid RAID levels:


  1. Here are a few tips to troubleshoot the issue:
    1. Perform a reboot on the device.
    2. Perform a power cycle on the device and collect the console logs.
    3. Connect a monitor & keyboard to the device and access the BIOS.

  2. If the RAID's status is still Unavailable, the issue is a RAID Controller hardware failure and a ticket can be opened to initiate the hardware replacement process.


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