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Description This article describes how to restore a physical RAID storage with all existing logs on a new FortiAnalyzer unit when the old FortiAnalyzer requires RMA. The same steps can be followed in the situation when FortiAnalyzer does not detect properly RAID storage after one or two failed disk drives.
Scope FortiAnalyzer with hardware RAID.

Note: The below-described solution is not a 100% success guaranteed with the log restoration on the new FortiAnalyzer as there can be other unforeseen hardware-related issues with some of the disk drives from old RAID storage. By following these steps, one accepts the risk of losing the data.


Common symptoms:

  1. After a sudden FortiAnalyzer reboot due to a soft reset of a failed disk drive, FortiAnalyzer CLI shows RAID Status Unavailable with RAID Size 0 GB and Hard Disk Total space as 0 KB:


get system statusget system status



get system performanceget system performance



diagnose system raid statusdiagnose system raid status



  1. FortiAnalyzer is hung in booting with the message 'Foreign configuration(s) found on adapter' or 'All of the disks from your previous configuration are gone. If this is an unexpected message, then please power off your system and check your cables to ensure all disks are present.' 
    Note that these messages might be visible only on the LCD screen connected directly to the graphical VGA port on the FortiAnalyzer unit. The standard console port does not support GUI output with RAID Configuration Utility.


    FAZ Booting RAID Error messagesFAZ Booting RAID Error messages


Restoration steps:


  1. If one wants to restore RAID storage on a new FortiAnalyzer unit after the failure of the old FortiAnalyzer unit (replacement of the same hardware model) then move all disk drives with the same disk slot position to a new FortiAnalyzer chassis before.

    Ensure a new FortiAnalyzer is already prepared with the same original OS version and with configuration restored from the latest available config backup of the faulty FortiAnalyzer unit. If just trying to resolve the RAID storage availability issue on the existing FortiAnalyzer, then continue to the next step.

  2. To restore RAID storage, it is necessary to connect a USB mouse & keyboard along with an LCD screen to an available VGA port on the FortiAnalyzer unit to see RAID messages during booting as well as the GUI of MegaRAID Configuration Utility.


FAZ with USB and VGA portFAZ with USB and VGA port


  1. Reboot FortiAnalyzer and monitor booting on the LCD screen. Once seeing the below RAID message with the prompt to load the configuration utility then rapidly press 'C' on a directly connected USB keyboard to enter the MegaRAID BIOS Configuration Utility.


    FAZ booting - Prompt to load Configuration UtilityFAZ booting - Prompt to load Configuration Utility



  2. Select the available RAID adapter and select the Start button.


    MegaRAID BIOS - Adapter selectionMegaRAID BIOS - Adapter selection



  3. On the next screen, a message about detected foreign drives should appear. Select 'All Configurations' and select the Preview button.


    MegaRAID BIOS - Foreign drives detectedMegaRAID BIOS - Foreign drives detected



  4. On the next screen, review the configuration and if everything looks fine, select the Import button to apply this configuration.


    MegaRAID BIOS - Configuration Preview & ImportMegaRAID BIOS - Configuration Preview & Import



  5. Once the configuration is applied, verify Logical View and select the Exit button to reboot FortiAnalyzer.


    MegaRAID BIOS - Logical ViewMegaRAID BIOS - Logical View





  6. After FortiAnalyzer reboot, verify RAID status and Hard Disk Total space.


    FAZ RAID restored - System StatusFAZ RAID restored - System Status



    FAZ RAID restored - get system performanceFAZ RAID restored - get system performance



    FAZ RAID restored - RAID StatusFAZ RAID restored - RAID Status


    Useful commands when troubleshooting FortiAnalyzer storage issues:

    diagnose system raid status
    diagnose system disk info
    diagnose system disk health
    diagnose system disk errors
    diagnose system disk attributes
    diagnose system print partitions
    diagnose system print df
    diagnose debug klog

    diagnose log device