FortiAP devices are thin wireless access points (AP) supporting the latest Wi-Fi technologies (multi-user MIMO 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2, 4x4), as well as 802.11n, 802.11AX , and the demand for plug and play deployment.
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This article describes how to upgrade FortiAP firmware.

Updating FortiAP firmware from the FortiGate, Update the FortiAP firmware using either the web-based manager or the CLI.

Only the CLI method can update all FortiAPs at once.


To update FortiAP firmware - web-based manager:

1) Go to WiFi Controller -> Managed Access Points -> Managed FortiAP.
2) Select the FortiAP from the list and edit it.
3) In FortiAP OS Version, select 'Upgrade'.
4) Select Browse and locate the firmware upgrade file.
5) Select 'OK'.
6) When the upgrade process completes, select 'OK'.

The FortiAP restarts.

To update FortiAP unit firmware - CLI.

1) Upload the FortiAP image to the FortiGate.

For example, the Firmware file is FAP_22A_v4.3.0_b0212_fortinet.out and the server IP address is
# execute wireless-controller upload-wtp-image tftp FAP_22A_v4.3.0_b0212_fortinet.out

If the server is FTP, change tftp to ftp, and if necessary, add the user name and password at the end of the command.

2) Verify that the image is uploaded:


# execute wireless-controller list-wtp-image

3) Upgrade the FortiAPs:


# exec wireless-controller reset-wtp all

To upgrade only one FortiAP, enter its serial number instead of all.

Updating FortiAP firmware from the FortiAP.

The firmware can be loaded by using the FortiAP CLI command.

1)Place the FortiAP firmware image on a TFTP server.

2) Configure network configuration (IP address and default gateway if needed) of the FortiAP.

Ensure the connection with TFTP server.

3) Type the following command:


FortiOS # restore <filename> <TFTP server address>