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This article describes how to request to enable the function to download the entitlement file in Support Portal from Fortinet Customer Service.

Essentially, the entitlement file is for managed devices license verification when FortiManager is operating in a closed network or air-gaped environment for the managed devices like FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiSandbox and etc.

This new feature is to prevent a hassle for the customer that needs to create a FortiCare ticket (Customer Service type) to request the latest entitlement file each time for a newly registered device in FortiCare.

Scope Fortinet Support Portal.

General Steps:

  1. Open a FortiCare Customer Service ticket in order to request to enable this feature. Sample ticket as follows.



     2. Once done, re-login into the support portal to reflect the changes. 


     3. To compare: Before the feature is enabled,  no feature or function is visible to export the entitlement file. 


Example screenshot as follows:




After the feature is enabled by Customer Service, it will be possible to view and select the 'Export Entitlement' button to download all the latest registered entitlement files under this particular account in the Product List section.


Example screenshot as follows:




Entitlement files can be downloaded by a Master account, a sub-account user with full access, an IAM user with admin access to AM portal, and connected Partner accounts.


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