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Description This article describes how to resolve a scenario where the FortiGate VM uses only one of the CPU cores available. Scope FortiGate. Solution Review the driver that is used on FortiGate NIC with the following command: diagnose hardware devi...
Description This article describes how to block Tor connection requests. Scope FortiGate. Solution Create a firewall Policy:Go to Policy & Objects -> Firewall Policy and select Create New.Choose Incoming/Outgoing interfaces.Enable and place it on top...
Description This article describes why the message 'Region image file was downloaded by' on System Logs appears. Scope FortiGate. Solution When an image is uploaded on the section WiFi Controller -> WiFi Maps as floor plan distribution to place the A...
Description This article describes how to allow PXE Boot in environments with IPSec. Scope FortiGate. Solution Diagram: Ensure the following infrastructure is in place before configuring FortiGate PXE Server (TFTP) has the installation file. The PXE ...
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