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Hi, Are there any way or cli to move the client from ap1 to ap2?
Hi, I have created a dynamic type of ipsec, but it will not up with cisco router. FG conf:config vpn ipsec phase1-interfaceedit "vpn01"set type dynamicset interface "port1"set ike-version 2set peertype anyset net-device disableset proposal des-sha1se...
Hi,I have tried mix fortigate ADVPN with cisco router ipsec, and found cisco Spoke cannot communicate with another spoke, also cannot found any related documents, just want to know fortigate can compatibilite which device? Are there kind of list? tha...
Hi ALL, Are there trail license for FortiOS-VM64? How to apply it?I have installed it in the VM, it didn't ask me to login any id at the begining. just showing License Status: Invalid.
Hi, I have a ipsec tunnel the internal site3 can access remote site1, but remote site1 cannot access site 3.I have found virtual-interface-addr -> was wrong, should be -> can help? [site1]---[