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Hello, I have two Fortigates 60F running in HA, firmware is 7.2.5. The firewall works as NTP server as well as NTP client. No matter which externa NTP server I use there is no syncWhat's wrong with the config ? TY
Hello,Is there a fail2ban-like feature in Fortigate? I'm running VPN server on my 60f and I want it to block all IPs with more than 3 failed login attempts Thank you
Hello, Fortigate 60f v7.2.4 Policy-based NGFW. I am trying to set VIP port forwarding (https://community.fortinet.com/t5/FortiGate/Technical-Tip-Virtual-IP-VIP-port-forwarding-configuration/ta-p/198143) but the VIP object is not listed in Destination...
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