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I have a Fortigate100F (OS 7.0.13) with a Hardware Switch that have some interfaces, this hsw has the brige stp priority set to 12288 to act as root bridge. - get sys stp switch-priority : 12288 hello-time : 2 forward-delay : 15 max-age : 20 max-hops...
I have a Fortgate connected with others using OSPF, this one have some static routes that need to be redistributed over OSPF, so I configured to redistribute all. But now I need to add some static routes that will not to be redistributed. I found thi...
We have this topology and we are having connectivity problems to get from the LANs (below) to the WANS (above). The L3 Nexus Switches are using HSRP, so each one has its own IP and the virtual one floats between them. In the case of the catalysts, th...
Its posible that a Fortimanager act as NTP Server, I didnt found litarature about that only for Fortigates.
It is possible to monitor the number of active sessions through a specific policy using SNMP? Like its shown in the fortiview.   I couldn't find the right OID in the MIB file. The finaI result is to to take an alert if the session count falls in an s...
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