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If I have disk logging disabled and I'm forwarding all logs to a FAZ that is unavailable, what is the negative effect on a FortiGate that has 100s or 1000s of logs building up in the queue? Will this potentially cause memory issues? Thanks!
Hey All, Just wondering if its possible to filter out threats like P2P on the threatmap? Is this done on the FAZ or the FortiGates? Or is it even possible?
Hi All,I'm importing a policy from a box in FortiManager and its not bringing over all of the policy. Am I missing something or this a bug?Thanks
Anyone able to tell me if the tunnel is flapping by looking at these tunnel messages from our FAZ? I can do some debugging too, just thought it was weird about the constant negotiations/installs of the SA.
Hi All,Is there a way to remove a firewall from the FortiManager through CLI or any other way? Currently our FMG is bugged, see the picture below.