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I have a a Fortinet 100D 6.2.2 with 2 WAN.SSL is configured on both WANs. The primary one is on a DMZ from ISP router and the second WAN has an public IP on it. When I try to connect (tested with three computers) I have an error 5029 (mismatch TLS ve...
Hi, I tried to configure my LDAP authentification using a CA certificate.Test Connectivity is successful also Test User credentials.Before my VPN worked fine. I deleted my user (first from group) then I recreated it. No problem I can browse LDAP.I di...
Hi all,On "new" firmwares we can't edit the link detector for failover in GUi. But it still can be edited by CLI.I just want to know if it's still useful?What happens if a link fall down ? (same distance but higher priority). Thanks all !
Hi I have a fortigate 200D on which too others VPN arrives. And the two remote VPN to communicate. On each Phase 2 I declared the adresses from remote sites. And I made a policy rule to authorize VPN1 to VPN2 (and reverse) on the Fortigate 200D... I ...