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Hi therehow am i able to configure our Fortimail200D to learn "good" external sender, that they are not went to quarantaine only with hyperlinks or Signature with pictures or attachements in it?After a certain number of passes, the FM should that be ...
Hi therehow can i configure the Fortimail 200D to reject unknown and non existing email addresses in our company? At the moment our fortimail accept these emails but do not delivery :( There are also incoming emails with spelling mistake... how to re...
Hi thereWe have another problem: when i activate the Profile -> AntiSpam -> DNSBL with and all Freemailer als GMX, Gmail, Chello ect will be rejected.How can i activate the DNSBL with action reject but let the clients ...
Hi therewe have a problem that emails from extern being quarantined when there is an html signature file in there. Who can i be shure that bad web links in the mailcontend will be filtered but the signature will keep unaffected? thanksTom
Hi therewe are using Fortimail 200D (with FW: v5.4,build692,170724 (5.4.0 GA)) and my question is, how to send quarantine mails to the recipient user instantly without scheduling only hourly? thanksTom