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Hello, I have 2 FAZ (same model, same firmware 5.2.6).One is in collector mode, the other in Analyzer mode. I had some hardware failures on both devices. I want to replicate logs (for compliance, I need them in two devices). Basically when happen was...
We've upgrade to 5.2.7 and we are having problems with out dialup VPNs.We have some 60CX that make a dialup VPN with our central site (1500D). Both devices have 5.2.7.We see the following info on debug on the remote device (60CX):ike 0:VPN-4: could n...
Hello, I have a FortiManager 1000D.Is it possible to put some interfaces in switch mode? Thanks!
Hello, Is there any command to "force" the communication between Fortigate and FortiManager.I would like to execute a command that forces the Fortigate to try to reach the FortiManager.In the GUI there's a "Check connection" button, anyhow I want to ...
Hello, I have a device running 5.2.7 with over 1,000 dialup VPNs at every moment.I need to debug a VPN that is not being properly stabilished.Anyhow if I do:diagnose debug enablediagnose debug application ike -1 I see lots of information.Especially a...
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