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Hello I have confirued FAZ 5.4.2 agains FGT 5.2.9 1000D. there is no information of the top 10 domains . i tried to why but i don't have any clue. Any help will be appreciated. Joe.
Hello All, I am well aware that i will get a No but i will try anyway. I am doing POC for a client , and the only problem i have now that i need an agent to be installed on macintosh. is there any way to install the agent on Mac? Joe.
Hello, I need to know how to configure radius server on Fortigate 300D to be synced with FortiAuthenticator. Can anyone share how i do that and how i overall configure it? its a pilot for a customer. Thanks.
Hello All, I have an assignment which i need to configure two wan lines to be redundant. one line fails the other wan need to take over and continue like nothing happened. can anyone explain how i configure this under OS 5.2.3? Thanks.
Hello All, I have an issue with a client who has a FGT 100D with 5.2.3 There are 3 IPSEC tunnels , 2 interface mode 1 tunnel mode. all of the tunnel are agains PFSENSE firewalls. I get a lot of errors such as negotiate , phase 1 deleted , phase 2 suc...