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So, I'd put in a support ticket for this against the 6.4.x firmware because it definitely behaves there's a bug where VIPs are being applied to everything and were likely ignoring the src-filters, and just got back around to poking at it on the newer...
Scope: At least all Fortinet-101F units running 6.4.11, and I have no doubt it applies to basically any unit capable of running a DHCP server or relay (and didn't notice any mention of it being fixed in newer versions).Severity: CVSS < 1 (Let's not g...
Product: Fortimanager-VM64Version: v7.0.4 build0306So, this is just super fun. Upgrading a Fortigate from 6.4.x to 7.x requires using a 7.x ADOM, but once you do that if you have any VIP range definitions, they break and you can no longer push policy...
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