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During a planned maintenance our HA setup failed to failover, investigating this further we found that event logs has not been set up. 1. Are event logs enabled by default ? 2. For HA failover to take place, how can you tell what triggers it via GUI ...
Hi Guys, Is there any difference between ALL ICMP and PING under the services. I have come across an issue where when i had enabled the ALL ICMP the pings did not get to our external vdom (FW debug). But when i had enabled PING under the policy it ha...
We are in the process of upgrading one of our fortigate, but we are not sure which is the best method. Having looked at the online link We are unable to determine the ...
Hi I am looking to block SSL v2 traffic towards my dmz servers on the Wan port on the fortigate. I would like to know whether a using the command strong-crypto will achieve this. from the below KB I can see that :