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Prior to upgrading to 7.0.10 I was able to establish multiple Windows Native IPSEC dial sessions to the same Fortigate. Now I can only have one active at a time. I'm fairly certain this is due to the requirement to have unique Peer IDs for each sessi...
I have a "Remote Facility" that has equipment that is to be monitored by two separate operations centers.The remote facility has two distinct private subnets that are not interconnected and need to remain so.I have successfully configured two site-to...
I have two installations of Fortigate 60F units for remote access. One is running 6.4.8 and one on 7.0.5I have IPSEC remote access configurations setup on both and the configs are nearly identical (except for the addressing...same subnetting. Nothing...
I have a private point to point network over IPSEC VPN. I'm trying to allow only SMPT sendmail service from a single client on one end to a host on the Internet via the WAN interface. I've created an outbound FW rule to allow SMTP port 25 to a FQDN (...
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