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Hi,i need help. From last few days i am observing that my are taking maximum of bandwidth due to slowness of internet. what should we do. your prompt response will be highly appreciate for us. snapshoot has been attached accordingly f...
Hi, i need some help. Actually i want to allow ms.window update on my server and block rest of things also with google. is it possible if yes how we can do it.
hi, there is some strange i am facing. in fortiview sources category i saw my wireless controller ip address in the source
hi guys, we need some feedback from user end regarding to fortios 7.0 and onward version of 7. is it stable. is any one upgrade on these version.
hi, currently we are using fortios 6.4.6 and model is fortigate 401E. we are planning to upgrade the latest and stable version without bug. please suggest stable version