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Hello, We have set up a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel between 2 FortiGate, the IPsec VPN tunnel works very well. We also have an SSL VPN on the FortiGate A and FortiGate B. This is restrictive for users who telecommute, they must use one of the 2 SSL conne...
Hello, I need help solving a routing problem. HQ and Brand Fortigate FW are connected via VPN IPsec Site to Site, everything is working fine, we can ping and have access from servers and ressources LAN to LAN from both side. I created a static route ...
Hello,I would like to have some help, i have set up a IPsec Tunnel VPN Site-to-Site between 2 Fortigate. It's working well HQ and Branch are connected.Tunnel is up 24/7, i can ping Branch's Lan to HQ's Lan without problems(Pcs, FG, Routers, wireless ...