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We are setting up static IPs from two ISP provider on one Forgitate 300.The first ISP setup using default static route works, but adding the 2nd ISP doesn't.Static routes and Policies are as follow Static Routes :, GW: up.ISPa.169.229 ...
Port 1: gw.xx.xx.81/29 (WAN)Port 2: lan.xx.xx.99/24 (DHCP)Policy IPv4: Port 2 to Port 1 (all to all, NAT enabled) I've tested at Port 1 that internet is accessible using static IP.When connected to Port 2 with a LAN IP via DHCP, internet is inaccessi...
We've 8 static IP and tried to setup a WAN router using Fortigate 300 as follow...Port 1: ISP gateway (isp.xx.xx.229/30)Port 2: WAN Router (inet.xx.xx.81/29)Port 3: with DHCP enabled Static Route: using gateway isp.229...