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Hi team, Can you tell me how to allow access to the local machine certificate in Forticlient? I tried to change the configuration file and import it into Forticlient as written here [
Hi team, Does Fortinet have a reverse proxy solution with two-factor authentication? Maybe Fortiproxy has such a feature? I can't find any documentation on this. Could you please give me a hint. FortiProxy , FortiGate , FortiAuthenticator , FortiToke...
Hi team, I am trying to set up two-factor authentication using SAML for my ZTNA server. I am using Fortigate as the SP SAML and Fortiauthenticator as the SAML idP. The private address of my Fortiauthenticator is The same ip address I use as...
Hi Team,My Forticlient EMS is behind a Fortigate NAT , port 8013. Can I connect to EMS from my client on a public IP with a port? For example: Or do I have to use fqdn?FortiClient,FortiGate, FortiClient, FortiAuthenticator, FortiDB
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