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I have a WAN connection with a single public IP. Behind the FortiGate appliance, I have an HAProxy server which farms out the HTTP requests to the relevant backends based on the HTTP `Host` header. At the moment, I have two port forwards on the Forti...
I would like to use an Ansible playbook to import an SSL certificate into my Fortigate appliance and set that newly-imported certificate as the Server Certificate. Does anyone have any code examples on how to do that?
I have multiple backend servers and services, all running on different servers, VLANs and services. At the moment HAProxy is used to proxy internal and external requests to those services. HAProxy also provides some load balancing where a hosted serv...
I am having problems getting WDS to work across VLANs. PCs within the same VLAN can use WDS with no problem, but when I try to use WDS across VLANs, I get the following error:```304 11.304373 {WDS.IP} {CLIENT.IP} TFTP 64 Error Code, Code: Illegal TFT...
Hi Everyone, I have an IPSec VPN configured between two locations. The VPN is working great. I've noticed, however, under Log & Report > Events > VPN Events that there are a number of "IPsec phase 1 error" messages, all of which are from unfamiliar I...
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