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Hello, is it posible to connect Fortimail to more than one LDAP domain?
Hello, is it posible to configure anonymouse relay in Fortimail(fortimail gateway mode-dmz)to allow DMZ applications to send SMTP email and how to configure anonymouse relay?
Hello, Fortimail appliance comes with 2 disc to import in hyper-v or vmware.OS disc and logs disc. I presume you can't expand those discs in vmware for Fortimail appliance.How to expand disc if disc is full? Another question about discs.If you import...
Hello,Fortimail in gateway mode(DMZ)I want to create Fortimail personal quarantine for all users in a domain.Do I need to connect Fortimail to AD LDAP and than configure personal quarantine?I have 1000 domain(exchange) users.Any advice how to do crea...
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