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hi, In new firmware released today v5.2 FM100c is not supported anymore ?
I have FortiMAil 100c in Gateway mod with Exchange2007. How to block or is there some option to limit wrong SMTP auth for mail accounts on fortimail ?
I have problem with FAP-223B Why I cant see both SSID when I enable both radios on 2.4G band with different SSID and channels? But when I put Radio 1 on 5G and leave Radio 2 on 2.4G i can see both SSID. Same AP profile is working on 220B. ( I see bot...
Hi, I have disable facebook with web filter categories " Social Networking" and its working great but i have too much denial logs because today almost every site has some facebook link so you can imagine how much logs is that :) I dont want those blo...
Hi, After MR3 Patch 12, I cant enable log to memory in GUI, what is command to enable it over CLI ? And this " FortiCloud disk quota is 100% used" is worst than SPAM :) Disk Usage : 243 / 1024 MB on FortiCloud !?!