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i have one static IP and one dynamic ip. i want to setup ipsec access vpn on static ip and also want to use dynamic IP as well. what i want to achieve is: use both static and dynamic IP and setup access vpn for remote users. bandwidth on static IP is...
i have 100-D fortigate and it is behind Router. i want to create Ipsec vpn (access vpn) for my remote users. static ip/public is given on router. how can i achieve this. if you could explain and share example if possible..
ipsec site to site vpn configured. on WAN2 i have staic Ip, and on WAN1 i have normal internet connectivity. i want to use WAN1 for internet traffic and WAN 2 (configured with static ip) for site to site and access vpn. how can i achieve it ? please ...
Do i need Static IP/Live Ip for ipsec client vpn? How many users can i give access through ipsec client vpn.
have network topology: internet>>>>Router(configured with static ip)>>>>> fortigate firewall(connectivity with some ip range will be needed)>>>>>>switch>>>vpn server... so really want to know how my users who will have to dial static/live ip to get a...