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Hello,I am having a problem with clients on several networks on my Fortigates.Affected clients cannot access anything past the inter-VDOM link, so can ping their own gateway but a traceroute stops at the inter-VDOM link IP. Other devices in the same ...
Hi All, I have an HA pair of 1100E on 7.0.11 currently set up with SD-WANI have ordered a load balanced service from our ISP where I get two circuits, two routers and two /28 public subnets, and I am trying to set up my Fortigates before they go live...
Hi, I have changed our core switching to a pair of ArubaOS-CX devices and wanted to move the existing Fortigate LAG on X1/X2 on a 100F (6.0.14) to go to each of the Arubas.The Aruba multi-chassis LAG can only be set up with LACP and it didn't come up...
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