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I have a working remote access VPN that I created using the VPN iOS wizard on the Fortigate 60E version 6.4. I am trying to add IPv6 support. The Fortinet is behind a dual-stack Comcast Business connection and has a working IPv6 prefix delegation set...
The 60E device is configured to use an internal SMTP server. The server has IP address is running Postfix on Linux. The Fortigate is Here is the output of "config system email-server": config system email-server set reply...
I am getting hammered by a particular IP address on the WAN interface trying to brute force IPsec VPN (UDP port 500). How do I block traffic inbound to the device itself? I tried adding an IPv4 policy item with source & destination interface of "WAN1...
I have a 60E that has a public network using the "internal" switch (, and a VLAN 20 ( I have enabled IPv6 prefix delegation, and both networks are getting a /64 from the /59 that my ISP gives me. The clients on the ...
Does Fortinet make the Fortiguard DNS servers available over IPv6? If not, are there plans to do so?
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