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Traceroute for remote address across the VPN showing the incorrect second hop. The second hop is going through the 'mgmt' 'DMZ' 'wifi-controller' interface. This happens because the VPN interface has an IP address of so the FortiGate uses the...
Specs: 300c / 5.2.1 GA 618 // have 4 different ssl vpn portals running for over a year. My policy rule set:From To Source Destinationssl.root ssl.root All / (ITAdmin group) Group of IT Admin subnets --- under VPN - ITAdmin portal I have listed the IT...
Afternoon - all New role, I tasked with building a network map, would like to use the CLI: my question - cisco uses show running-config to show the whole configuration... is Fortinets: show full-configuration the same thing or too much more? does run...