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I have two firewalls A and B my requirement is that internet traffic of firewall A users goes through firewall B through an IPsec tunnel in simple terms, I want that users on firewall A their public ip should be of site B so should I have to edit som...
A very strange issue is going on that more than one ems connector is showing on FG, not even connecting with EMS, and don't know what to do or how to delete them this FG is in VMWare and the version is 7.2.1 and EMS is 7.0.7
Kindly let me know that site-to-site IPSEC VPN between FortiGate firewall and cisco router
Kindly let me know FortiOS version is 64bit or 32bit, I did "get system status" but I can't find os version
If we upgrade the firewall Can we backup the config of one model and upload it to another model for example let's say FG 40F TO 80F or 100F if not then how can we?
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