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HiSince upgrading our MC4200 from 6.1-2-29 to 7.0-10-0 we have been unable to connect to the webgui on any browser except for IE11 because the MC4200 does not support TLS1.2Is there a way to enable this on 7.0-10-0?Are there any later versions of the...
HIWe've just had our MC4200 RMA'd The new one is up and running but out of 68 APs it can only talk to two.None of the others can be pinged from the controller. They can ALL be pinged from my computer. My computer can also ping the controller and the ...
Hi allOn Wednesday I was trying to update our guest wifi accounts for this year. I logged onto the webUI OK but everytime I tried to edit a guest account I was asked for a username and password and couldn't get past that. The account I was using is l...
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