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Hello, I have downloaded the VM image for FortiAnalyzer from the support.fortinet.com center. I installed it on VMware and it all went fine and I can now see the CLI. I set the port1 (which is bridged to the hosts interface) to get an IP from the LAN...
Hello,I am considering deploying a FortiClient Managed Mode License (FC1-10-EMS05-485-01-DD) with FortiClient Cloud. I was wondering, do I have to get an additional license for FortiClient Cloud subscription, or is the above license enough to create ...
I have a FortiVoice 20E4 and I want to do the following: When an external caller is calling to my number, an IVR will play that mentions some numbers, and, for example, when the caller presses the number 6, then a PIN (6-digit) will be requested. If ...
Hello,I currently use an analog PBX. I have a PSTN connection to the router, and from the router the PBX is connected to the phone port. I currently have 6 VoIP lines for my PBX and all of them go through this route to the analog PBX. I want to trans...