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Description This article describes how FortiGate manages PRF configurations, including configuring them and the algorithms supported. Scope FortiGate. Solution PRF settings are done by the RFC: The PRF settings in the initial tunnel negotiation are v...
Description This article describes how to use Logical 'AND' for tag matching between primary and secondary ZTNA Tags in a firewall policy. Scope FortiGate v7.4+. Solution When setting up a firewall policy for access control based on IP or MAC address...
Description This article describes the procedure to permit directed broadcasts across the IPSEC tunnel. Scope FortiGate. Solution The following diagram illustrates the scenario: Win3, located behind the Fortinet1 Firewall with the IP address
Description This article describes the process when an EMS Certificate is not trusted with FortClient EMS Cloud. Scope EMS Cloud, FortiGate, FortiClient EMS. Solution This article outlines the instances when the server certificate for the FortiClient...
Description This article describes how to load-balance the traffic over Dual IPSEC tunnels using IPSEC Aggregate between FortiGate and AWS VPC with Static Routing. Scope Diagram: Create the IPSEC Aggregate for redundancy and traffic load-balancing on...