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DescriptionThis article describes the necessary configuration to allow the captive portal logged on user to force a logoff.SolutionThere is a configuration option that can be enabled on the CLI which will make the authentication keep alive and the us...
DescriptionThis article describes how to solve Radius most common problems.SolutionTo test your Radius object and see if this is working properly , use the following CLI command:#diagnose test authserver radius Note: = name of Radius object on Fort...
DescriptionThis article describes how to overcome the LDAPS TLS issue while using SSLVPN especially after upgrading the FortiGate.SolutionTo test the LDAP object and see if it's working properly, use the following CLI command:#diagnose test authserve...
DescriptionThis article describes how to ensure successful LDAP authentication towards Redhat FreeIPA server.- The FreeIPA server has a different LDAP tree schema. It is composed of two sub-tree: cn=accounts,dc=,dc= and cn=compat,dc=,dc=- When the Fo...
Description This article describes how to make the FortiGate denies access to a website having a revoked certificate. Useful links: - Fortinet Documentation here. Solution By keeping the default configuration, the FortiGate allows access to external ...