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DescriptionWhen LDAP authentication is used with LDAP connection towards FortiGate being encrypted (starttls or ldaps) and if it is required to change the TLS/SSL version used by FortiGate to connect to LDAP server.SolutionUse below commands:# config...
DescriptionThis article describes the effects of changing Fortigate’s inspection mode between Flow mode and proxy mode.SolutionProxy-based: The proxy-based inspection involves buffering traffic and examining it as a whole before determining an action...
DescriptionIn some cases, it is possible to unknowingly bring down the interface status from GUI and loose access to FortiGate along with network traffic drops on that interface. In scenarios where that interface is the only source for accessing the ...
DescriptionThis article describes how to add x-fowarded-for header to all HTTP traffic handled by an explicit proxy policy.SolutionWhen FortiGate is configured as explicit proxy, add x-forwarded-for header to all HTTP traffic accepted by the proxy po...
DescriptionThis article describes how to import SSL certificate on Fortigate as a local certificate.SolutionIf the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) was generated on FortiGate:- Install the certificate from System -> Certificates -> Import -> Local C...