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DescriptionThis article explains how to manage a FortiAnalyzer from FortiManager.SolutionSince FortiManager version 5.6 it is possible to add a FortiAnalyzer to a FortiManager in order to manage the FortiAnalyzer.A policy can be viewed from a log.Log...
DescriptionThis article explains how to move objects to a new ADOM on FortiManager.Solution1) Connect to the FortiManager via an SSH session using Putty and enable logging. 2) In this example all firewall addresses from ADOM 1 will be copied to the n...
DescriptionThis article explains how HD usage is divided on the FortiGate.SolutionThe total HD usage can be found by running command “diagnose sys logdisk usage”# diagnose sys logdisk usage Total HD usage: 29540MB/29540MB Total HD logging space: 1125...
Description This article describes how to replace a FortiGate unit in the FortiManager configuration, following an RMA hardware replacement. This procedure ONLY applies to replacement of a FortiGate with another FortiGate of identical model.(If upgra...