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DescriptionThis article explains how to list all the services of the Internet Service Database with their respective IP ranges, protocols and ports.SolutionTo identify the services contained in the database, run the following command:# diagnose inter...
DescriptionFirefox 52 does not support SSL VPN browser plugin.SolutionIt can be enabled using the following steps.1) Close Firefox2) Uninstall Fortinet’s SSL VPN client3) Open Firefox4) In the address bar, type: about:config5) Accept Firefox’s warnin...
DescriptionThis article provides the steps to install SSL VPN client in Linux.Requirements:Ubuntu or CentO Linux distributionsSSL VPN already configured on the FortiGateSSLVPN Client software for LinuxSolution Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE ...
DescriptionThis article provides the steps to share a physical interface between multiple VDOMs.The requirements are:Management access to Global configuration.A physical interface from any VDOM connected to a L3 device in trunk mode.Use of VLAN inter...
DescriptionWith the firewall policy rule setting 'set schedule-timeout disabled', a FortiGate immediately forces the session to end when the 'Stop Time' of a recurring 'schedule' object is reached. Additional configuration steps are required in order...