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Hi, can anyone help to create a report of bandwidth per interface in fortiAnalyzer plz ! thanks
Hellothe SLA Performance ( packet loss, letency and jitter still down) and i can't ping throught the tunnelPS: i can ping to the ip of tunnel.can you help me to fixe this error please! image bellow
Dear all,i have a problem with the tunnel ipsec i create an sdwan via tunnels between two fortigate (for each interface one tunnel but both tunnels in the some sdwan zone)i can't ping from the fortigate to device that exicte after the other fortigate...
Hi all, please i have a fortigate i want to pinging through two ports but the ping always send from one portif there are anyone here please know how i could push the ping to sended via the port ?!config bellow: edit "port3" set vdom "root" set ip 10....