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We have HA cluster of two 401E's. For patch level upgrades our weekly maintenance window is long enough to upgrade firmware via GUI, desk-check the new config, run through the test suite, and revert by booting to the secondary partition before the wi...
Just wondering if anyone has tried this and has words of warning, or wisdom. Our requirement has been raised many times before, but I haven't seen a solution for pre-v6.2. We're running 6.0.12 on a 501E cluster. We want to force certain traffic to on...
gbagita wrote:rojekj wrote:Beware, as this release has a major bug in SSL VPN. When uer is in multiple groups that grants different access in SSL VPN, only the first group is working. For example:User x is in group vpn_a, and vpn_b, group vpn_a grant...
We are installing a new HA pair of 501E's (v5.6) to replace some older FG's, and we're adding a FAZ 400E (v6.0) to the mix. No FAZ installed previously. I have one FAZ port on our mgmt VLAN and I can access it fine. I plan to use a separate FAZ port ...