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Hi. I want to build an Icinga Graph using SNMP fpr Traffic Monitoring.I have a single WAN Port (actually aggregated port). Traffic to doesn't concern, I only want to measure traffic to every target BUT Any ideas?
Hi, Is the log file length for forwarding traffic on disk configurable? On my FG3140B the Log is 90.000 entries large containing only 2 hours. That is way too short! Config:FSM1 (35GB of 58GB) Feature | Storage Size | Allocated | UsedLogging and Arch...
In the Log files I get "peer SA proposal not match local policy". I guess this means the Phase 1 Settings from the Android Client don't match these from the Fortigate?!? Which settings and Encryption proposals I need for the Client? The Windows Forti...
L2TP seemed not to work with Mode Config enable. Wanted to get Split Tunneling enabled. When I enable Mode Config, no connection occurs. It seem the client is waiting for a IP? Last in 'diag deb app ike -1' I see is:ike 7:L2TP:358: responder:main mod...
Hi. My L2TP Config works fine with embedded Clients for Windows and Android, only the iOS (iPad Air 2) couldnt get the DNS Setting right (i guess). IP-based HTTP works fine. What might be the problem here?